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Recently Ahman Green,40 a former Green Bay Packer and affiliate of Channel 5 News was arrested at his home, taken to Brown County jail and admitted, according to Green Bay Press-Gazette. Green was charged with child abuse, intentionally causing harm and cruelty toward a child, of his 15 year old daughter after an altercation that stemmed from an argument about doing the dishes.


Justifeyed has reached out to many current and former NFl players,informing them of the benefits of Justifeyed. This case is no different as to how Justifeyed could have provided protection to Ahman Green's reputation, by being able to record the instance to see if it truly was abuse, or just simply a father parenting his child. To the same aspect the video evidence would have been there for his daughter as well.

This is just another reason former and current NFL players, even those in the Packer organization, need to take note of Justifeyed and see what it can do for them. All the players have protection and safety on the field,but what about off the field-Justifeyed wants to be that safety. We are right in your backyard creating and launching from Green Bay WI, so donate or endorse Justifeyed to help put it in your hands sooner.

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