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In what was claimed to be a routine traffic stop for a burnt out taillight, turned into the deadly shooting of a St. Paul Minnesota man, Philando Castile. Officer Jeronimo Yanez pulled over the vehicle Castile was driving as he believed Castile may have been involved in a robbery from a few days prior; however he did not inform Castile of this. Instead the officer told the man he was being pulled over for a tail light that was out. Diamond Reynolds, girlfriend of Castile and their 4 year old daughter were also in the car. Officer Yanez asked Castile for his license and registration, which he handed over, and at the same time advised the officer he had a permit to carry and had a gun. The officer advised Castile not to reach for the weapon, to which he replied "I don't have to reach for it", and even though the weapon was never shown, Yanez shot him at point blank range, in the car, numerous times, killing him in front of his daughter, and girlfriend.

On June 16th 2017,after just 27 hours of deliberation,a Ramsey county court issued the Philando Castile verdict, and found Officer Jeronimo Yanez not guilty of all counts in the shooting of Philando Castile.


This is a case where Justifeyed could have played so many different roles. Castile's girlfriend captured the aftermath of the altercation on Facebook live, but had she had Justifeyed on her phone she could have been sending the footage to authorities and other important contacts immediately. If either of them had the app on their phones they could have been capturing the altercation from the beginning, giving another, very different perspective in the courtroom. Justifeyed wants to be everywhere you are, and with you help or donation we can be.

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