Be Alert! Accidents Hurt!

Down below is a list of fireworks that many kids tend to gravitate towards and misuse without adult supervision. Justifeyed JR. would like to highlight some possible consequences that would come from misusing fireworks.

-Bottle Rockets-

The bottle can tip over. Kids will put the rocket in the bottle and play around by tipping it over where it could hit either another kid or even distract a driver.


Kids will often light them and continue holding them in their hands, this could cause them to lose their fingers. The smallest item can sometimes cause the biggest life changing consequence, to you or someone else, including losing fingers.

Kids will also throw these at each other causing burns or injuries to someone else.

-Aerial Repeaters-

With the rapid firing of the balls of fire that come out, you need to be more careful the firework doesn't tip over, or shoot it too close to trees or houses which could start a fire.

-Roman Candles-

Many times kids will light these and point them at each other, or make a game out of it by running through the shower of fire as if it were a sprinkler. Severe injury can occur, including burns, eye injury, and even blindness


Justifeyed still wants you and your family to enjoy your fourth of July holiday; however please keep these dangers in mind as kids all over misuse fireworks every year. Justifeyed is not just about your safety when it comes to crime we also want you to stay safe and ahead of danger.

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