Heroes To The Rescue

Rochester police officer Jeremy Nash was shot in the face just after 10:30pm Saturday June 24th. Nash is an 11 year veteran and the father of a 3 week old daughter. New York State Police helicopter was sent in to assist the in finding the suspect. The officers secured the perimeter and didn't allow anyone to enter or leave while they searched; however the suspect remains at large.

The officer was rushed to the hospital and is currently in stable condition as the wound was not fatal. One officer said "Police should be able to protect and serve their city without worrying about getting home safely.


Justifeyed wants to be the NEW Neighborhood watch, and that includes being another set of eyes for those who put their lives on the line for us every day. Anyone in the area of the incident that has the app on their phone could have easily pressed record after hearing gunshots, or notified proper authorities of what they may have heard. Justifeyed is also able to be an additional body cam for officers to offer another perspective and a broader area, because sometimes the officer ends up the innocent victim. With your support or donation to helping launch Justifeyed, the suspect responsible for this shooting may have already been caught.

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