Pregnant Seattle Mother Killed In Her Home

Shortly before 10am on Sunday June 18th officers were dispatched to the home of Charleena Lyles, after she called 911 to report a burglary in her home. Lyles was three months pregnant and the mother of four.

According to police officers when they arrived at the apartment Lyles began talking about the burglary calmly, but then allegedly came at officers with a knife yelling, that is when officers shot at Lyles. Family attorney James Bible said Tuesday that family members have questioned why police didn't use a non-lethal option when they knew Lyles had been struggling with mental health issues. Lyles' cousin Kenny Isabell said she was depressed but not violent and "was going through some things in her life."

A Seattle police spokesman said the two cops who shot Lyles were equipped with a less-lethal option but were not carrying Tasers.

Detective Patrick Michaud also said Tuesday that both officers had undergone crisis intervention training to deal with people showing signs of mental illness or other crises.

Michaud said officers are required to carry a less-lethal option and have a choice between a Taser, baton or pepper spray. He said he did not know which option the officers carried at the time of Sunday's shooting.

While Lyles may have had some mental health issues, it should not be an explanation as to why officers shot her. There were better ways to handle the situation, of which these officers were trained to use. The family of Charleena Lyles is trying to figure out why she had to be shot.


If Charleena Lyles would have had the Justifeyed app on her phone, she could have recorded the altercation with officers, and other authorities could have been called in to help the situation and she may still be alive. As stated in the article above these officers had at least 3 other options to diffuse situation, BEFORE having to use lethal force. These officers had pepper spray, a baton, and a taser; these items are carried with officers at all times.

What you don't hear about is a body cam, or officers having body cams. Justifeyed can be the body cam for the individual, show their point of view and their emotions. This type of personal security offers justice and another set of eyes for the victim or individual involved in the altercation. The camera option of Justifeyed would have allowed authorities to see what option other than their gun the officers had to use during this altercation.

Justifeyed offers protection as a personal "body cam" for anyone involved in a situation with the law, or emergency personnel. This is just another example how Justifeyed had the potential to change the outcome of a situation. Help support Justifeyed by donating to launch the app so we can start saving lives.

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