Know The Enemy

Tyler Thomas was a 19-year-old student at Peru State College in Peru, NE. She was known to her friends as Ty, had a beautiful smile and bright future ahead. She was very loved by her family and will never be forgotten for the incredible person that she was.

Joshua Keadle is the type of individual that as parents, we should be aware of and take notes on, when sending our children off to college. Here is a glimpse into who this man is.

  • Person of interest in the case of missing Peru State student Tyler Thomas

  • Raped an unconscious 15 year old child in a college dorm room

  • Unidentified victim stating Keadle held her without her consent and raped her

  • Unidentified victim stating Keadle exposed himself to her and offered to pay her $1500 for sex

  • A female student at Midland Lutheran College stated Keadle dragged her into some bushes to try to have sex with her

  • Another student stated he sent inappropriate pictures to her

  • A woman stated Keadle drove her to a remote spot outside of Peru near the Missouri River on Halloween. That's where she says he raped her and threatened her life if she fought him referencing their proximity to the river.

  • Keadle had been witnessed calling female students several derogatory names

These are just a few of the things that Joshua Keadle has done on multiple college campuses, over a span of 6 years. Currently Keadle is in custody for the rape of the 15 year old girl, and is eligible for parole in 2018, with complete release by 2021.


These victims could have been protected from these instances with Justifeyed. A simple click of the app on their mobile device, and help would have been notified instantly. When going out to these parties on or off campus make a plan; share the plan, and if you are unable to follow through with the plan Justifeyed can let someone know. Do not stand around and watch things happen, do something or you are just as guilty as the criminals among you .None of these woman, or any woman on college campuses, have to be or feel alone again. Justifeyed’s number one priority is to keep everyone safe and protected, especially the woman and children. Having this tool on your phone or the phone of your children, keeps them protected and gives them an instant connection to the proper authorities. These things do not have to happen and with Justifeyed we can prevent it from happening again. Protection, knowledge, and safety right at our fingertips is what Justifeyed is all about.

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