Sexual assaults up 23 percent at Minnesota colleges

Reports of sexual assault at Minnesota colleges have risen sharply in recent years, lending urgency to a national call to bring down the number of sex offenses that occur on campuses across the country.

Colleges are not required to report sexual assaults that occur near campus, said Clery Center Executive Director Alison Kiss.

Carla Wilson, a graduate student studying social work at the U, is bothered by the constant advice in campus crime alerts. Every alert contains the same safety pointers urging students to keep their valuables hidden, to never walk alone and to avoid being distracted.Often students don't have the choice of walking home with someone, Wilson said. Maybe their friends left them at a party, maybe they wanted to leave the bar before everyone else did, or maybe they did walk with someone and had to go the last block alone.Instead of implying that a crime is the victim's fault, Wilson said, the U should work to make the community safer so students don't have to worry if they have to walk home alone.


All of the above scenarios contribute to rape and sexual assaults on or off college campuses, but with the safety and protection on your phone of Justifeyed, so many of these instances will not and do not have to happen. You are never walking home alone if you have Justifeyed, and are protected from the person you are walking with if you don't really know them. The safety and protection of Justifeyed is something every college student should have at their fingertips. We will help bring down the sexual assault percentage so as a student, or a parent, you no longer worry because someone is always there for each college student. 

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