Abusive Son Ordered To Live With Parents

Despite a history of assaults and his parents fear, as a condition of his mental health discharge, an Eden Prairie Minnesota man, Nathan Lehman was ordered to live with his parents. Throughout  the past 10 years police responded to multiple 911 calls as his parents address.

Sadly Robert and Debra Lehman lost their lives at the hands of their son. According to the report Nathan went to his parents house in the middle of the night, stabbed each of his parents more than 20 times with a screw driver, and spent less than 30 minutes at the house before driving away. Officers were called to the home to do a welfare check on Lehman as he did not show up for work. Upon arriving they witnessed Lehman high on meth, and having blood stained clothing in the trunk of his car.

The system failed Robert and Debra as they had advised many different authorities of their son's behavior and how they feared him. Lehman had been committed several times since 2014, but often did not comply with medicines or treatment plans. Knowing all of this and the history at his home, he was still released and ORDERED to live with his parents.


Justfieyed would have been able to record events as they were happening in the home, previous to the incident of that day, potentially saving the lives of Robert and Debra. The evidence would have been immediately shared with the proper connections to get Lehman away from his parents to a location better suited to get him the help he needed. Justifeyed could have given these parents a direct link to the proper authorities to get them to the house quicker and Lehman under control. Justifeyed is here to fill in the gaps where the legal system is failing, and in this case there could have been a completely different outcome.

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