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Many news outlets this morning are talking about Memorial Day weekend and the family fun, camping, and all the exciting things to do; but Justifeyed wants to talk about what's most important, your safety. When visiting family in other cities or states, you may want to check out what crime is in that area recently, and areas your kids are going to be in that you might not be. While you're in the car driving talk out different situations of safety with your family. Have a plan if something happens and know what are you going to do, because being aware of your surroundings and the area is always your best defense. When you're camping with your family always make sure someone's phone is fully charged and one person is sober enough to react in an emergency situation. If someone is about to engage you or your family is in harms way, yes call the police, but video record what is going on also for safety purposes. During the holidays many people will be drinking and letting loose which can sometimes escalate situations. Nationwide there have been having shootings when people are getting into arguments due to heated arguments, so keep your family ahead of the situation and be prepared, talking through what could happen can always save help to save a life. Have a safe and fun weekend from your friends at Justifeyed LLC!

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