As another school year comes to an end, some parents are preparing to send their young adults off to college in the fall. Some of them have already been visiting schools and have decided where they want to go. Your child imagines what is about to come with their first taste of freedom and independence; parties, friends, late nights, and yes even classes. What they don’t imagine, the crime lurking around the corner.

Look up the schools in the news and past news stories. What do you see? Ask former students or upper classmen about their experience so far at that school. Sometimes what we don’t hear or read about we should. We don’t want to think about it but there are students who sometimes use their position at school to their advantage. Athletes, teachers, booster family’s children; they sometimes think they are above consequence so they feel they can do what they want. How many sexual assault, or rape cases are swept under the rug to save a reputation? How safe do the woman on campus feel, or anyone else for that matter. Even after some of these people are caught, how many lives have already been hurt and changed from these actions.

Don’t take our word for it, just think. Colleges are expensive and they want your money, but sometimes the payoff is greater than the payout. Just a little word of advice from Justifeyed, let your kids be free and grow, but make sure they know they must take the good with the bad. With Justifeyed at their fingertips, that experience would offer safety and protection

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