Small city big crime on the way

1. One person dead following officer-involved shooting in Appleton

What started as a dispute in an Appleton bar, ended in the death of a man with a gun. Once officers were on scene, a man had fired his gun, so the officer responded by shooting the suspect who later died. Two others went to the hospital with non life threatening injuries. Imagine how different this altercation might have been if the bartender and bystanders had Justifeyed.

2.Three people facing charges after guns found at Appleton East HS

Three males ages 20, 17, and 16 came to Appleton East High School from Wausau, looking for retaliation. Two of the individuals managed to get into the school and were walking down the hallway. Once noticed, it was discovered they were not students. An occupied car in the parking lot, not registered to be there, was searched and guns were found. Appleton you are barely getting by with safety and almost had a school shooting on your hands. Justifeyed Jr is needed to be that safety tool to keep your kids safe when you can't. Imagine what's waiting for the next school year.

3.Appleton Police investigating drive-by shooting

Things are not always what they seem. It's midnight and a man shoots at a house, one time from the moon roof of his car. Can you truly tell that he is in his mid twenties, black and thin as he sits in his car? Maybe we take for granted what a "witness" thinks they saw. None the less with a school and daycare across the street from where this happened, we need something to keep us safe, and that something is Justifeyed.

4.Police officer sentenced for planting murder evidence likely wont serve time

Being a police officer means upholding the law for everyone, including yourself. You can protect and serve thousands of people in your career, but commit a crime once and your integrity now becomes nothing. You deserve the same consequences as the average citizen. You don't uphold the law only to break it. Justifeyed could have protected the innocent in this case.

5. Four people killed, including police officer, in shootings near Wausau

What started as a domestic altercation, ended in the death of an officer. Simply put, no one is immune to crime, violence, or a bullet. Just because you have a badge doesn't mean you cannot be hurt. What is hard to believe is that we at Justifyed are still waiting to hear from police stations. A body cam isn't always enough, there should be more eyes on the crime.

Justifeyed LLC

How much more of this has to happen right here in our own city, before we truly look at the answer staring us right in the face to help stop it? These shootings are not just big city crimes, they are happening right in our own backyards. All these shootings and deaths that didn't have to happen, and situations that could have had much different outcomes with Justifeyed on your phone. Safety and knowledge right at your fingertips SAVES lives. We are Justifeyed

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