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Good afternoon, My name is Marcus Evans, Creator and founder of an upcoming mobile application called Justifeyed LLC.

Justifeyed is a powerful mobile application that enhances personal security. The app allows the user to easily record a potentially criminal or harmful event on their cellphone, while simultaneously reporting them to the appropriate authorities. This mobile application is so powerful that we are only releasing three of the eight features, because releasing all of them would just be too much for the public to handle. The reason for this letter to a powerful government entity like the White House, is because what I'm telling you is true. I created a book and I'm creating the app right now. This is one of the most powerful apps of its kind that the world will be exposed to. I have a reading and learning disability, so getting help and people to support me is hard right now. Searching for somebody to help the person with a disability is like searching for a needle in a haystack, but if I can connect with the right people there is so much power this mobile app can give so many people. We want to work with colleges and offer jobs and a quick return of money to the colleges. We will bring so many jobs to the U.S. in the first year, and maybe even new skill training to all emergency personnel.

Being able to sit down with you, and have you listen to what I have to say you will see in the first year all crime rates around the US have the potential to drop 43%, and bring in so many jobs to help lower the unemployment rate within the first few years. This is one of the most powerful apps the world has ever witnessed, and I need more help from people with power. I hope this letter gets to the White House and in the right hands with the right people, because I am part of the people and I'm looking to partner with my government to better my country.

My only question; is the government willing to partner with me?

Please contact me via email at or by calling my office at (920)757-2421. Justifeyed LLC is currently located in Appleton WI. We very much look forward to speaking with you, in the meantime please check out our website

Thank you,

Marcus Evans-Creator and Found Justifeyed LLC

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