Bloodshed ahead Chicago 4th July 2017

 We would like to bring to your attention the 4th of July, the last 3 years. It has been one of the deadliest days of the month for the city of Chicago, but one of the most shocking aspects is the majority of these people were innocent bystanders. They had nothing to do with the situation, and innocent lives were lost due to gang violence

1.The Fourth of July holiday weekend saw hundreds of shootings across the country, despite a small year-over-year decline. At least 107 people were killed and another 283 were injured in 352 incidents of gun violence from Friday to Sunday, according to data from the Gun Violence Archive.

2.The number of reported shooting incidents and fatalities should be considered preliminary, since law enforcement and media sources may lag in reporting incidents, particularly in rural areas and over a holiday weekend. Additionally, the toll may change to reflect those who later die from their injuries. The numbers represent a decline in gun violence deaths compared to the same period in 2014, when nearly 400 incidents between July 4 to 6 resulted in 173 fatalities and 347 injuries.

3. 2015- In Chicago alone, shootings over the Fourth of July weekend left 10 people dead and 55 others wounded, a toll lower than last year but one marked by an intense stretch of gun violence over eight hours on one of the nights.

4. Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson,and Mayor Rahm Emanuel in Chicago, have blamed lax laws that allow gang members, who are responsible for the bulk of the gun violence, to return to the streets relatively quickly.

Justifeyed LLC 

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