When The Game Is Over

Justifeyed LLC is here to protect all NFL players no matter where they are. Below you will see some very important reasons if any of you NFL players have money put aside, that you may want to invest in something lifesaving that may have changed the outcome of these tragedies. Justifeyed LLC would be an investment you might want to consider. Pictured below are some great man who made an impact on the football field, but later realized off the football field, it's a very different kind of game being played. Money can bring a lot of power and recognition, but money can never bring you back.

The former Saints defensive end was shot and killed in what appeared to be a road rage incident on Saturday, April 9 in New Orleans.

Joe McKnight, a former USC running back who was a fourth-round draft pick of the New York Jets in 2010, was shot and killed following an argument at an intersection in Terrytown, La. He was 28

Robert Eddins was found dead December 20, 2016 in Detroit, Michigan while police were investigating a double homicide.

Kevin Duffy - After the UConn football team defeated Louisville in their 2009 homecoming game, they celebrated at an on-campus dance. During the dance, Howard was found stabbed to death outside the student union where the dance was held. Four people were arrested for connection to Howard's death. Howard was the first person in his family to attend college and recorded a game-changing fumble recovery in the game on the night of his death.

Sean Taylor was the fifth overall pick in the 20014 NFL Draft by the Redskins. While away from his home on Nov. 18, 2007, his house was burglarized. Eight days later, an intruder entered his home and shot him in the leg. The bullet hit his femoral artery and he lost a significant amount of blood. He was airlifted to a hospital for surgery, but entered a coma due to the massive amount of blood loss and died the next afternoon.

On January 1, 2007, Williams was killed during a drive-by shooting at approximately 2:10 A.M. Williams and two other passengers were shot when another vehicle pulled beside his rented Hummer H2 limousine in downtown Denver, Colorado. The shooting occurred near 11th Ave. and Speer Blvd. It happened less than 12 hours after the Broncos played their final game of the 2006 season against the San Francisco 49ers in Denver.

We have to put better technology around you, the athlete, and that's why I'm here asking for you to invest. The stories of these men ended too soon, but you are still living and still have a chance to make a change. Please make a change with me, not just for me, because it's all about the community. Who's with me!?

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