Summertime Sunshine

Justifeyed LLC is jumping ahead of your summer plans and thoughts. Before you start to plan your family vacations, going to water parks, or on road trips; we at Justifeyed LLC are one step ahead of you researching and highlighting those areas for you. We will do the research of your favorite and most popular summer destinations nationwide. (festivals, concerts, etc.) You will know the area you are traveling through or in ahead of time, so you are safe. Justifeyed LLC will research crime rates of, sexual offenders, gang activity and more.

Justifeyed LLC is here to keep you and your family stay safe.To give you crucial, lifesaving knowledge before you leave for your destination or vacation. Parents, this will also give you piece of mind knowing the areas your children will be heading to this summer. We give you the “eyes” of safety where you can’t be. We will continuously update this blog for you of the highlighted areas.

At Justifeyed LLC we are trying to combat the violence that is so prevalent during the summer. Donate and help us launch our prototype now, so we are one step closer to making your summer unforgettable-for GOOD reasons.

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