Last Call, One Shot

Justifeyed LLC , - People talk about the gang violence in the state of Illinois, but if you research the number of alcohol related deaths in the state of Wisconsin, the statistics are eerily similar.


1.Drunk Driving- 24,000 convictions of drunk driving in 2016 190 people killed and nearly 2,900 injured due to drunk driving

2.have had this problem for more than 5 years.

3.Wisconsin is third in the nation in both number of bars and bars per capita. At the county level, Wisconsin's Iron County, with one for every 240 residents, leads the nation in bars per capita.

4. One person is killed every half-hour due to drunk driving

5.While driving around the state of Wisconsin you're probably more likely to come across a bar than a grocery store. While you and your family are looking for a hotel to stay in, or maybe a nightclub you want to stop at, be sure to pay close attention while crossing the street. There's a good chance you could get hit by a drunk driver on your way home or to you destination.


1. Shootings- Currently there are 100 street gangs in Chicago More than 700 murders in Chicago in 2016

2.have had this problem for more than 5 years.

3.Chicago is the gang capital of the United States. Chicago Police Department gang audit found there are more than 600 gang factions in the city, with a minimum combined membership of 70,000.

4. Someone Shot Every 2.8 Hours

5.While driving around the state of Illinois looking for a place to eat, or a nice place to shop, while getting out of your cat it's possible you could be robbed, shot, or witness a murder. Make sure to keep your phones charged.


Justifeyed LLC wants to be the safety you need in these, and so many other states, while you travel. Not only can we keep you safe while you travel, but we can aide in bringing down these statistics. People know the problems, they see the problems every day, but who is offering a solution? Justifeyed LLC is offering a solution, so donate or invest now to take back the streets of Chicago, and makes the streets of Wisconsin safer.

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