12 of the Worst Places to Live in the U.S.A

Justifeyed LLC- wants to be a solution to the problems and help to bring down the crime rates nationwide. We are able to offer jobs to help bring down the unemployment and brining money into the communities to give people a chance to get out of poverty. These are two of the biggest contributors to why there is so much crime happening. Justifeyed LLC will also offer safety and security to let people walk down the streets and have protection at their fingertips. An instant connection to the right people in any emergency situation. We will give you the comfort of knowing the area you are in and the surroundings, which is a great comfort when traveling. So much in one app to keep you safe and protected, all while helping better the communities.

Public- This is just a glimpse of some of the problems and issues facing much more than just these cities nationwide. The unemployment and poverty levels contribute to so much of the crime and violence in these cities. The gang violence in some of these areas has become far too overwhelming. This epidemic makes it very difficult to live in and be successful in these areas. There needs to be a solution to help change all of this and that is where Justifeyed LLC comes in. A mobile app that delivers lifesaving information instantly, and keeps you protected no matter where you go. The hard working people in these communities want gangs and all the violence out of their neighborhoods, and Justifeyed LLC knows we can bring that.

Justifeyed Jr. LLC- Our youth thrives on what is new and innovative especially with technology. One that that over 90% of our youth have in common is the use of mobile devices, especially cell phones. Justifeyed Jr. LLC will be part of revolutionary new technology, that will keep our youth protected and safe at all times. An outlet for our kids to anonymously record and report crime and gang activety, instead of going down the wrong path into these gangs and the violence. Our children don’t really want to be part of this, they are tired of it in their streets and neighborhoods. They deserve the opportunity to grow up and be successful. With the technology of Justifeyed Jr. LLC offering so much safety and security no matter where they are, it can be so much easier for them to be successful. A child that knows they are always protected can do great things.

Justifeyed Legal LLC- So many times our police officers and emergency personnel go into situations unknowing or unprepared for what they are walking into, or about to deal with. Seeing what they are dealing with, and what is happening in a situation before they arrive can be so effective and lifesaving. With the technology of today Justifeyed LLC will offer eyes where officers can’t see, and information instantly that without wasting valuable time explaining situations and locations. We can take video evidence into courtrooms allowing individuals a way to help themselves, and help take some weight off the shoulders of their lawyers giving them more time with you. Knowledge is power and Justifeyed LLC is all the power you need.

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