Man Dies After Ten 9-1-1 Calls


  • CBS News Reported

  • 50 Year old Curtis Mitchelle

  • Called 911 TEN times in two days

  • Ambulance never got to his house

  • Snow storm

  • Emergency personnel advised Mitchele to walk across the bridge to them

  • Emergency personnel got within 4 blocks of the home and advised Mitchele to walk to the truck if he wanted a ride to the hospital

  • Curtis Mitchelle died at home

  • Mike Huss director of public safety stated "It's unacceptable, you get out of the damn truck and you walk to the residence, that's what needed to happen here"

Justifeyed would have been able to see what was happening and contacted someone other than 911; Curtis Mitchelle may have been alive today.

Pittsburgh this is a big reason why you need to endorse Justifeyed!

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