Safe School Clean School Safety is the new cool (Justifeyed Jr)

Bullying. One of the biggest actions that frighten our youth. No one wants to be bullied. Children that are videotaping these fights are becoming more and more common. The social media world we are living in now tends to glorify these violent acts. There are also to many sad outcomes from these bullying instances.

Justifeyed is dedicated to bringing awareness and helping fight against bullying. Kids don't want to be bullied so they will act as though they support it, to prevent it from happening to them. They video when the are scared, to feel like they fit in. Justifeyed is the solution to making parents feel their children are safe again. We will provide the tools needed for protection against bullies. Donate or invest now to help our children fight against bullying and be a voice for those that feel they do not have one.

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