How deep does the corruption go?

Justifeyed is about to inform you on one of the most shocking Juvenile Justice, financial loop hole, that is out there. It is what has been now titled Judicial Kickbacks. The case that made these “kickbacks” more public took place in 2008 in Pennsylvania. It was a scandal that jailed over 2000 juvenile’s. There were 2 corrupt judges that received over 2.6 million dollars in “kickbacks” from the owners and builders of private prison facilities. After this was all discovered, it is discouraging, that our judicial system remains unchanged. Imagine where this is happening and how close this might be to you. Justifeyed is here to change this and give our children their rights back. Justifeyed is going to keep investigating this to see how far deep this really goes and to what states, if not all, are guilty of receiving kickbacks.

This money is “under the table” money that the judicial system receives all the while they are claiming they should make budget cuts. Well those budget cuts, is money that has already been spent for their own benefits. We encourage you to research this on your own. If you put in Kickbacks next to any of these words, judges, police stations, lawyers, prisons etc, you will see exactly what we are talking about. Justifeyed is here to give you the knowledge that we know our communities need and deserve to have.

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