Behind The Summer Sun

When you think of summer sunshine you think of all the good times, but you never think about the crime or the crying eyes. Some of the best things about summer are family vacations, carnivals, festivals, fairs, and just plain fun in the sun.

I know we’re all excited that it's finally starting to feel like summer, but before you break out the beach bags and head to the water, a new report suggests it may be smart to double check you locked the door and have someone to walk you home after dark. Unfortunately it’s not only lightning bugs and bare legs that like to make an appearance when the weather gets warm; criminals also like to feel the sun on their faces. According to the researchers, the heat of the summer “leads to great discomfort, which in turn gives rise to more aggressive behavior.” All this aggressive behavior can then possibly be channeled into aggressive crimes. It's not necessarily that people are short-tempered when it gets hot out, it's that there are more people out and about, which means more potential victims

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