Let me inspire you

1. I'm a single father who taught his kids how to love again. To stay motivated after the biggest tragedy in their lives. They had to watch their mother passed away in front of their eyes to breast cancer at the age 3 and 6 years old in 2011 .

2. In 2013, I did fundraiser called Biking the Big Challenge for Babies, where I cycled over 90 miles in one day just to raise money for babies in NICU.

3. Then in 2014, Boxing Battle Against Cancer - I hosted a music event to raise money for a little girl with leukemia. To show my kids we have all went through the same thing and to show them how to care about another person after dealing with tragedy.

4. In 2015 We had a house fire 3 days before Christmas. I saved my kids from our house fire and made sure they had everything they needed for school.

5. In 2016 I wrapped my rams around my daughter and held her as she grieved after her grandmother was gunned down in the cross fire of gang violence. To see the devastation this caused my child started a fire in me to put an end to so much senseless violence, and fight back with a solution.

6. 2017 Justifeyed - was created because I believed that our justice system and our safety and better jobs is important to our community. I will not be here forever neither, will you, but if we all work together on something that could keep us all safe I don't see how that could be a bad thing to focus on what's next in my life. I don't know you might think I'm crazy but maybe if I change the way I think, I can change a piece of the world for the better.

7.Hi, my name is Marcus Evans. I am the founder and creator of Justifeyed. It is an upcoming mobile application. As you can see I have done many different accomplishments in my life but everyday I face a repeating fight. I struggle with severe with dyslexia. Most people treat me different because of something that I don't even get help for. Unfortunately once business owners find out, it's like the deal is off the table. No matter if it could save lives or not. What if I told you I've been in many offices before where everything was going great but the minute they found out that I had a disability it's always off the table? It's hard finding organizations that help people with small businesses if you have any kind of disability. If there is no one to reach out to talk to you, sometimes even getting help for you, is almost impossible. Like I said, let me inspire you, never quit! Keep moving forward! No one's perfect in the world and neither am I ......

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