Emergency Dispatch and Cell Phones

A 4 year old Iowa boy called 911 when his mother became ill and passed out. He was calling from a cell phone, so dispatch could not immediately get a location, and the boy only knew he was in Iowa. Thankfully emergency personnel were able to find the home, and because of the little boys quick thinking his mother is going to be just fine.

Justifeyed could have contributed to many facets of this situation. With this app the camera feature wallows for a face to face call with emergency dispatch, allowing them to see the callers surroundings. Justifeyed can also give a location immediately, getting emergency personnel there quicker. This eliminates the need for dispatch to ask so many questions about location and focus more on the situation at hand. Justifeyed is also easy for children to use because it literally gets you in touch with someone, with just the click of a button. If a child can dial 911 they can press buttons, and one of those buttons can be Justifeyed, We give anyone the potential to be a hero, and by donating to help bring Justifeyed to life YOU can be the first in a long line of heroes!

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