911 Upgrade

From little on we are taught the value and importance of 911. When to use it, what it’s used for, and why we have it. We make approximately 240 million calls to 911 each year, and the dispatchers taking these calls do an amazing job. They do such a great job in fact, that some of us call even when there is no emergency at all.

The 911 system needs an upgrade and additional resources, and Justifeyed is just the technology that’s needed. According to the Wisconsin Counties Association, the current landline system for 911 will no longer be supported by its manufacturers; by 2020 all current 911 hardware and software will be obsolete. Wisconsin is one of the last states to do any upgrade to its 911 system, and we need to act now for our safety.

Justifeyed wants to upgrade and update the way the emergency dispatch works ever day. We want to be a type of filter, a video filter that has the potential to help in so many ways. Wouldn’t it be incredibly helpful if the person you called for help could see you and your surroundings? Sometimes if you have to use valuable time to explain the situation or where you are, these can be life saving minutes wasted. You should be able to call 911 from any device and dispatch should know the area you are in, sadly this is not always the case. We can teach our children from a very young age how to dial 911 in an emergency but we really cannot train them what to say. With video perspective very little will have to be said, and more action, quicker action can be taken.

Donate or invest in the technology of Justifeyed today, and help this change take place


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