16 year old twin sister Brittany and Tiffany Coffland were shot to death by their father, Randall. He also shot his wife Anjum, in the leg saying to her, "I want you to live and suffer like I did," before turning the gun on himself. Just before 5:15pm on this day, a neighbor called 911 stating they heard gunshots, and another call to 911 from Randall himself confessing to killing his two daughters and stating he was going to take his own life; sadly he did just that. The mother, Anjum, is still alive and in stable condition.

People this case has the need for Justifeyed written all over it! The police are calling this a domestic violence case, with a previous report of domestic trouble in the same home just one month prior. These girls might still be alive if they had the Justifeyed app during the previous instance. Nothing physical was reported in that instance ,but with non-tampered video proof of what was taking place, charges may have been filed that could have potentially stopped this tragedy from ever taking place.

Wake up America and start helping people live. A simple donation to help create something so life changing is all it takes. Innocent people are dying and it doesn't have to happen. Justifeyed is here, help us launch today! #justifeyed

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