Another successful day for Justifeyed

Today we met with a representative from Appleton police department and left with some very positive and reassuring feedback. While going over the features and safety that Justifeyed has to offer, the officer stated that it sounded like a great concept and a good idea. He was most excited about the fact that it would add to the community and aide in the safety of citizens everywhere.

He offered some great insight to help the future success of Justifeyed and we couldn’t be more excited to use that knowledge to make this app even greater. Knowing what Justifeyed can do for so many people might be what caught his attention the most. While we only went over the camera feature with him, that in itself was enough to get him very interested and intrigued.

We will continue to reach out to law enforcement agencies throughout the Fox Cities, and can only expect the same kind of excitement and intrigue from them as well. The police departments will be one of our greatest allies and knowing what great feedback we received from one department, gives us the motivation and desire to reach out to so many more.

Justifeyed is the future of the technology of safety, and we are ready to bring it to the world!

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