Police should team up with Justifeyed

When local police departments are figuring their budget for the year, one thing that should never be compromised is your safety. Police body cams are becoming the trend with many local police, but at what cost? There so many issues with the body cams, including the fact that this footage can be tainted or altered if put in the wrong hands. Also the footage cannot be saved as long as what is expected so it becomes useless to a victim or is no longer there when it’s truly needed. This video evidence can provide valuable information to play a huge part into how long you could sit in jail, or how long you will be tied up in the legal system. There is a huge gap in our justice system and the need to upgrade and update our technology. We need to keep up with the times and the crimes. There are plenty of people inside the justice system that know this gap exists, yet say nothing for fear it could jeopardize their job and future within the justice system. Well how about making Justifeyed the voice to speak up and bring the much needed technology to the masses. Justifeyed can provide a tool just as powerful and useful as the police body cams, but at a fraction of the cost. If you can save money and a life, why wouldn’t you invest in that technology? There is no good reason not to. There is also the opportunity to add jobs to our communities, so this also brings money into our economies. Last but certainly not least, and most importantly, this technology will help bring down the crime rates and keep us safe. What better reason for police departments to join forces with Justifeyed? We are fighting for the same thing; YOUR protection. You may ask yourself why your local government; including police forces and mayors, have not responded to our requests or reached out to us to see that what we are saying is true. Justifeyed is something that can benefit so many people, save so much money and most important save lives. The time is now, the technology is here, and Justifeyed is ready. My question to you America then becomes; how many more people will die, how many more children will be missing or exploited, how many more club shootings will happen, before you stand up to make a change and put the technology of Justifeyed into everyone’s hands?

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