Teacher Bullies Special Needs Student

A New Jersey teacher, Steven Roth, is caught on video bullying and belittling a special needs student. Roth can be heard calling Julio Artuz a "tard" and threatening him. Julio previously advised his parents of instances of being bullied by this teacher, and they didn't really believe him. His father told him if it happened again he would allow Julio to take his phone to school and record what was going on, so he did just that. His parents were sicken and appalled once they saw the video. The family took the video to the principal and according to Juilo's mother, he didn't even want to look at the entire video and made excuses for the teachers behavior. This all stemmed from a simple request of Julio asking Mr. Roth to stop calling him special. No student should be made to feel like they are worth nothing, which is exactly what this teacher did.

justifeyed would have been able to capture and deliver the bullying in real time and gotten it to the students parents and other proper authorities right away. We at Justifeyed want to give these students the tools to defend themselves and fight back with proof. No one should ever feel like they are worthless and Justifeyed will provide the tools for these kids to stand up and say, I AM worth it, I AM someone. Be a part of making everyone feel like someone and donate to Justifeyed today. Together we can make a difference and bring about a much needed change.

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