Getting Closer

In Wausau last night, there was a murder of 4 innocent lives. This all started with a domestic violence situation at a bank. A call was made to the police and by the time they arrived on the scene, 2 people were already shot. If Justifeyed was launched, our video feature alone, could have helped and saved one if not both, of those lives lost. The calls to 911 followed with a report of another shooting at a law firm. Then minutes after that, there was another call of shots fired at an apartment building. All of this occurred within a 3 mile radius of each other. There are countless ways that Justifeyed could have assisted in this whole situation.

If the victim, that the call was initially started over, would have had the tools at her fingertips to protect themselves, the outcome might have been different. Out of all the civilians that were involved and present at the time, why was no one using their phones to capture what was going on? We know how easy it is to get lost in the "it will never happen to me" mentality, and we know how we like to feel safe in our own communities but we are not safe. This is getting closer. Closer to our children, closer to your family, closer to your schools, closer to you.

We are looking to team up with our local police and 911 dispatchers. Justifeyed's app is all about keeping our communities safe and working together to create that safe community.

We keep posting about it. You keep reporting on it.

When are we going to become a team together on it?!

We, at Justifeyed, want to give you the tools you need to protect yourself.

Help us by donating to the launch of Justifeyed today!

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