A Child's Life Shattered

Imagine you are 12 years old and the most horrific events in your life happen in a matter of less than an hour. For one 12 year old young girl in Ohio, her life will never be the same. During a domestic dispute between Angela and Dan Luke, their 12 year old daughter dialed 911 to try to help her mother. For 17 terrifying minutes you can hear the fear in this young girls voice as she advises the 911 operator what is taking place, all while trying to help her mother and protect her younger 9 year old sister. The two innocent young girls witnessing their father abusing their mother. Sadly this would not be the worst part of the altercation. Angela managed to get herself and her two daughters out to her car to leave, but it was not easy as her husband was relentless with attacking her and breaking her arm in the process. When they finally managed to get into the car, Dan, Angela’s husband was holding onto the car trying to prevent them from leaving. Angela tried to drive away at the urging of her daughter and Dan lost his grip falling off the car, causing Angela to accidentally run him over. Terrified, the young girl still on the phone with the 911 operated, screamed that her father was dead.

No child should ever have to witness a parent being abused, and another parent die in such a tragic way; let alone all in one day. The reality is Justifeyed is needed. Justifeyed could have potentially saved that father’s life by helping authorities reach this family quicker. How can you hear the cries of a desperate and terrified young 12 year old girl as she watches a complete tragedy take place with both of her parents, and not want to put the technology of Justifeyed into EVERY one’s hands!?

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