Teacher Knocks Over Child, Get Arrested

A 71 Year old teacher in Georgia tried walking into a classroom, and in the doorway was special needs pre-k student with his back toward the teacher. She then purposely knocked the child over to get him out of the way. Thankfully the child was not seriously injuried, but was injured none the less.

As a parent to a child with specials needs you are already on high alert when you leave your child at school. You want them sage and well taken care, and rightfully so. What right does a teacher, or anyone have to make an innocent child feel less than human? Also why was this young child standing alone in the hallway? This is a true embarrassment to the school and this poor child.

Justifeyed wants to be the voice for this child, and all the children who have been treated this way. We cannot allow teachers to get away with this because they are having a bad day, or feeling stressed out. These kids deserve better. They deserve teachers who are properly trained to deal with their emotions, and handle things in a better way. Let Justifeyed give these kids the proper defense against being bullied or abused.

If you believe in a safe environment at schools for our children, and safer communities, then you believe in Justifeyed. Believe that your children and their safety is worth the system of Justifeyed. That those with a small voice or no voice, can be heard and protected with Justifeyed. All to often we hear about the problems but offer no solutions. Well now we have, and the solution is Justifeyed.

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