Teacher Beats Student-Houston

We like to think our children are in good hands, safe hands, when we send them to school every day. However, for one Houston mom and her son the unthinkable happened. While in class 13 year old Isaiah Johnson was beaten by his physical education teacher. A beating that lasted only a minute, but felt like a lifetime to Isaiah. There were other students AND teachers standing around watching the entire altercation take place. The teacher was placed on administrative leave but not fired. This to any parent is appalling.

Justifeyed could have played a huge roll in all of this. Although someone did have the sense to record the child being attacked and beaten; with Justifeyed this footage could have quickly gotten to the proper authorities and the right action could have taken place. Those teachers standing around watching and allowing this to happen, should have been held accountable as well. Justifeyed wants to be able to provide the tools these kids need and deserve to keep them safe no matter where they are. Parents should feel at ease knowing Justifeyed gives their kids the technology at their fingertips to find safety and protection when they, or their friends are in trouble.

Justifeyed is tired of seeing the young and innocent hurt, and we refuse to take it sitting down anymore. Stand up and help make Justifeyed reality, help keep real kids and their parents feel safe and protected at all times.

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