And Justice For All

While in a VA hospital in Durham North Carolina, former marine Stephen McMenamin and his wife witnessed the cruel treatment of a veteran lying on the floor in pain. The nurse at the hospital denied the man a reclining chair he has requested and yelled at him to get up off the floor, to which the man replied he could not get up and would not get up until he could be seen, and then asked for a blanket. The unfortunate part of the story is that this happens all too often. Those who have already sacrificed so much, and risked so much for us, come home to be treated like they are still at war and THEY are the enemy. Justifeyed wants to help eliminate these situations. We will help veterans get the benefits they deserve and are entitled to. We will help provide the tools and resources needed for veteran to acquire these benefits. These people who risked so much deserve every bit of the benefits to which they are entitled and Justifeyed wants to provide what they need to get there. Supporting and donating to Justifeyed is contributing to all those who proudly served. We at Justifeyed thank you for your service. #justifeyed

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