Quiet No More

One night several years ago, a man on the Blackfeet Reservation in Montana held his partner against her will, beat her, and then chocked her until she passed out. After she came to, she escaped and informed law enforcement about what happened. This incident was not the first, the man had a history of domestic violence and abuse. He was sentenced to two years in prison.

This story is just a small glimpse into the violence epidemic that has plagued tribal communities for so long. We need to not only end this, but help prevent so many re-occurrences. Woman need safety at their fingertips and Justifeyed can provide this. Maybe the more people that have the option to quickly protect themselves, the less and less this abuse that will occur. Living in fear every day, should not be something these woman, or any woman, should have to face. Take a stand, make a statement, and don't back down! Choose Justifeyed, believe in Justifeyed, and support Justifeyed, to bring it to life and stop the violence. No woman should ever have to fear a fist.


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