Training Creates

Understanding We at Justifeyed believe the legal system and emergency personnel should be able to work hand in hand. In order for that to happen, one should know and understand how the other runs. Why not have some training and shadowing in each area? Have lawyers meet law enforcement or emergency personnel and hear about a typical day? Better yet have them shadow to see what happens on a daily basis. Do this in one or two phases. The first phase, being a type of meet and greet and the second phase, being a type of exposure and shadowing day or few hours. This would give the legal side and the emergency personnel a chance to better grasp an understanding of how one side feeds off of and works with the other. This type of training could have a huge impact on how the legal system works,and give a completely new perspective on how things are handled on a case by case basis. Standing hand in hand in equality and understanding, is what Justifeyed is all about.


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