I happen to be a part of an organization called Justifeyed. We are the only organization that has came out and stood up to say, to anybody, that you are not outside the law. We don't care what anyone would do..if the have a gun or not...if they have a badge, a government official, men, or woman. No one is above the law with Justifeyed. Whenever they step outside the boundaries of the law, Justifeyed will be there. Justifeyed is the only organization that is coming soon to say, we do not want to fight fire with fire. We will fight fire with water. We are not going to fight crime and broken laws with angry people but we will fight through socialism. We are not going to sit there and fight radical people with any radical things on our part. When all of us get together, single mothers and fathers, married couples, grandparents and teenagers, that is when the revolution starts. Justifeyed is going to bring the, much needed technology in the new revolution of apps.

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