Justifeyed meets with Local 5 news...

On March 10th Justifeyed met with Mark Smolik with WFRV Local 5 News. We had a long conversation talking about Justifeyed and the endless possibilities it can bring to the community. After hearing about Justifeyed, Mark suggested that we have a segment on "Local 5 Live" with Lisa and Millanie. It would be 3-4 minute live segment. Local 5 Live airs weekdays from 9-10am

. During our live segment, we will be giving a high level overview of Justifeyed.

Mark loved that our goal at Justifeyed is to keep our community safe. So much so that he wants to make sure he helps with giving Justifeyed the large platform it deserves. We are so excited for this new partnership! Mark and Local 5 are passionate about helping us get the word out to the public and getting us the help and resources we need during the launch.

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