The Overworked & Underfunded Public Defender

DID YOU KNOW? The supreme court gave everyone the fundamental right to an attorney even if you can’t afford one. Now we have a system where the most vulnevable people are potentially being charged for access to a hideously broken system. We need to to fix that or the very least update the miranda warning in our cop shows to reflect the reality that an attorney may have 300 cases they are working on - that’s not a joke. Literally 300 other cases. What if you only have 7 Minutes to prepare your defense - do you know how short 7 minutes is? That is the time it takes to cook an egg. That attorney might be exhausted or unable to think straight. That attorney is likely to be grossly underpaid and may pressure you to take a guilty plea. Statically 90% of the time, a guilty plea is taken. Justifeyed see the part of the system that has holes we are able to fill and help in. One of our goals at Justifeyed is to see that you get the best representation of any legal advice that you deserve. Together we will help our overworked legal teams and give everyone a fare shot.

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