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Here is another big reason why Justifeyed is needed. Why we need your help now. We want to change the way we handle the law. We all see kids dying,or innocent people being taken advantage of by crooked cops. We are not here to point fingers but ...USA Today states that 7 Baltimore officers were accused of several crimes, including stopping people who had done nothing wrong, stealing their money, and pocketing it. Anywhere from a few hundred dollars to $200,000. Justifeyed would have been able to capture this encounter on video and kept those innocent people innocent. ABC News reports the 7 Baltimore officers were also accused of turning off their body cameras during encounters with victims. Justifeyed previously stated that we can offer a better solution than the police body cams, and at a fraction of the cost. Green Bay police chief Andrew Smith wanted the body cams for the their police force, but stated at this time is was much to costly. Justifeyed wants to know how many of those affected by these officers will find restitution. Will tax payers get their money back? The answer is most likely no. How many more times do we have to see this happen before we take part in the solution? Justifeyed will provide you with your own security system right at your finger tips. We need the community support so no more innocent people are affected. Justifeyed is the answer, why aren't you asking the question, how can I help?!

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