Stomping Ground

No one should ever have to stand back and watch hundreds of years of their life, culture, be destroyed for the all might dollar. How about the threat of digging up sacred burial ground? What if that was your loved one; would the money matter more? Under the MHA Nation Code Ordinances and Resolutions, Title 15 states, the tribe needs to be made aware of any adverse impacts to public health or environment; yet in North Dakota during the permitting process of the pipeline building, the Standing Rock Sioux were not properly informed of this, a federal law! Situations like this are happening to the Native Americans all to often. Why do we target the Native Americans and their land? Why do we find it so easy to walk all over the them? What would happen if this were another race? At Justifeyed we will make everyone aware of their rights and laws, to save their lands and their lives. Federal Laws will be at your fingertips leaving no choice but for people to see them and hear them. We give you the powerful tools you need to fight back with facts and knowledge.

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