These are hard facts on why the app Justified is needed….now.


5 times higher crime rate than the national average

Takes an average of 58 minutes to get emergency help

47% of the city is functioning with illiteracy.

Less than ½ of the residence that are able to work, are not working.

40% of street lights are not operating

There are 70 hazardous waste sites in the city

New York:

Every 9.1 minutes there is a death in New York City

There are more undergrad and graduates in NYC than Boston has people

There are 4 times as many abandoned homes as there are homeless people in NYC.

Average response time for emergency personnel is 10 minutes.

More than 2000 children are reported missing each day

49% of New Yorkers speak a different language than English.


8 of the top 10 state that has the highest unemployment rates in America.

It costs more than 173 million to keep only 3,000 inmates in prison

83,000 children went missing in the year 2015

Has the largest economy in the United States


Worst place for working families to get access to child care

Illinois schools have the biggest funding gap in America

Four governors have been prisoners beforehand.

Total number of juvenile arrests were 21,496


67% of residents are incarcerated

26,654 people are on Social Security

5 crimes for each 1000 people in Louisiana

245 calls made to the human trafficking hotline and 76 cases reported

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