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Justifeyed integrates live video feed to the 9-1-1 dispatchers, which helps avoid miscommunication and provides a clearer understanding of the incident. In turn they are able to better prepare emergency services for the situation they are going into. This type of communication is very beneficial in instances such as mass shootings in public places such as churches, night clubs and concerts to provide instant details of the scene, especially while traveling in an unfamiliar area to protect you and your family, or if you simply come upon an emergency situation and need help quickly. Right now the disconnect from the time the call is placed, to when emergency services arrive is to great. No matter your age, race, ability or language you speak, you can easily be made aware of your surroundings, report any suspicious activity, and quickly connect with emergency services. With just these few features Justifeyed has the potential to reduce response rate to a scene by 5-7 minutes, compared to the current system. Saving time by creating a better connection, has the potential to more efficiently save lives.

Click below to learn more about me, Marcus Evans, the Creator and Founder of Justifeyed LLC, and why I believe this app is needed world wide. Learn what brought me to the realization a change was needed now. 

 FACT Disability
In the United States alone, 48.9 million people have at least one form of disability

·         1 million live with severe disabilities

·         2 million have a functional limitation

·         5 million are youth

 FACT Disabilities
Categories of disability types include various physical and mental impairments that can hamper                                                                        or reduce a person's ability to carry out his day to day activities. 

·         Mobility and Physical Impairments

·         Spinal Cord Disability

·         Head Injuries (TBI) - Brain Disability

·         Vision Disability

·         Hearing Disability

·         Cognitive or Learning Disabilities


FACT Elderly
Falls are the leading cause of death from injury among people 65 and older. Approximately 9,500 deaths in older Americans are associated with falls each year. More than half of all fatal falls involve people 75 or over. Among people aged 65 to 69, one out of every 200 falls results in a hip fracture


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To Those Heroes Who Have Fallen In Line Of Duty What Do The Colors Really Mean?

Thin Blue Line

The Thin Blue Line honors all those who serve in law enforcement, including Sheriffs, University Police, SWAT Officers, and K-9 Officers.


The Thin Blue Line can also represent Public Safety Officials, Security Guards, Peace Officers, Secret Service Agents, Marshals, TSA Officers, and FEMA Officials.

Thin Red Line

The Thin Red Line honors all those who serve in fire protection, including state and federal government firefighters, volunteer firefighters, and private department firefighters.


The Thin Red Line can also represent Lifeguards, Security Guards, Red Cross Members, Private Investigators, ATF Agents, State Guards, and AmeriCorps Officials.

Thin Green Line

 The Thin Green Line honors all those who serve in customs and border protection.

The Thin Green Line can also represent EMS Officials including Paramedics and Emergency Medical Technicians, Animal Control Officers, AEMT Officials, Fish and Wildlife Officers, Court Officers, Environmental Police, Diplomatic Security, and Park Rangers.

Thin White Line

    The Thin White Line honors all those who serve in emergency medical services, including Paramedics and Emergency Medical Technicians.

The Thin White Line can also represent Doctors, Nurses, Physician Assistants, Correction Officers, Wardens, Dispatchers, Coroners, Probation Officers, Air Marshals, Civil Air Patrol, Air Traffic Controllers, DEA Agents, and ICE Agents.

Thin Yellow Line

The Thin Yellow Line honors all those who serve in public safety telecommunication, including police dispatchers, fire dispatchers, and ambulance dispatchers.

The Thin Yellow Line can also represent Security Guards, Loss Prevention Associates, and Search and Rescue Personnel. Tow Truck operators and highway personnel

Thin Gray Line

The Thin Gray Line honors all those who serve in correctional institutions, including prison guards, probation officers, parole officers, bailiffs, and jailers.

Justifeyed Eye to Eye live video to emergency dispatchers (JLVD) Act 2020

Justifeyed would like to point out that there are two sides to every Bill. One side is for the government and one side is for the people. The government side, is the side that sets the laws and should be going over those bills to make sure that they are properly implemented for our system. The other side, is the side for the people whose taxes pay to make sure that that system runs efficiently the government should make sure that these bills are amended to treat everyone equally.

  • Dispatcher (Government)

The dispatcher needs the current bills to be amended or new bills to be created. This is so the victim can share live video with dispatch for emergency personnel to understand a situation more efficiently and have a quicker response time, potentially saving more lives.


  • People

There are 350 different languages spoken in the United states, and people should have access to upgraded 9-1-1 systems so that civilians with disabilities, the elderly, or those who speak a foreign language can utilize the 9-1-1 system as effectively and efficiently as every other person.


         Civil Liberties

The Bill of Rights.

The legal constitutional protections

against the government.

Limitations on government power

What the government cannot do.

             Civil Rights

14th Amendment.

What the government must do to

ensure equal protection.

Protects against discriminatory


Require government action.

Civil liberties: freedom from government intrusion; protections from government action against you.

  • Example: Bill of Rights in the Constitution

Civil rights: government action on your behalf; a desire for government to take certain actions for you.

  •     Example: Affirmative action

A- Government partnerships will allow Justifeyed to be implemented into the 911 system, and create the laws that are needed to make the necessary changes. At the local level we get the support we need to showcase the app and get things started, to get to the state and national level to implement into every state in the nation.

B- A partnership with 911 Dispatch centers is where it all begins. Justifeyed wants to work with the dispatchers to help improve the system and implement the app into the 911 role. 

Investment Benefits

Local Government-

Justifeyed looks to present a uniform mobile app to different counties of each state and their 911 dispatch centers. We will highlight a unified system that can potentially aid emergency personnel in more efficiently saving lives in an emergency situation. 

State Government-

Justifeyed needs the support and help of the governors and senators of each state, to amend the Wireless Communication and Public Safety Act of 1999 to include the Justifeyed Eye-to-Eye Live Video to Emergency Dispatchers Act of 2020(JLVD) that allows the public to record and share live video of an emergency situation from their mobile device; as well as the Raianna's School Safety App Act of 2020 (RSSA), which allows students and teachers to record and share a live video of anyone in an emergency situation on school grounds with emergency dispatchers, during or after school hours.

National Government-

Justifeyed needs the support of the Senators in Washington D.C. and the FCC to implement our app into the 911 system. A system that can potentially generate million of dollars with just 25% of the nations population, needs to be considered and presented to Washington D.C. government officials.

Investment Amount Needed-

Justifeyed needs approximately $130,000 to $500,000  to complete the full working mobile application to begin BETA testing. 

Turn Around On Investment-

Once the app is completed and implemented, the approximate turnaround for return on investment will be about 18 months.

Where The Money Is Going-

Justifeyed will disburse part of the funds to our computer development company to pay for the completion of the prototype to being Beta testing. The finished product will be showcased at multiple schools, colleges and universities in every state throughout the nation. 

Marcus Evans 

Creator and Founder 

Throughout my whole life I have struggled with my learning disability. Growing up in the early 90s many teachers did not know how to deal with kids with different learning disabilities. I'm happy to say I made it through, graduated and went off to college. Throughout my travels, I have always noticed the problem when making an emergency phone call.  I always seem to struggle with the dispatcher on reading the streets signs or being able to give my location due to my disability. Not being able to quickly show the dispatcher what was going on made me so flustered because it took up so much time to explain to them. I started to wonder, maybe there are many people in the world that have a difficulty when making an emergency call. So I started to research how the 911 system works from beginning to end. After awhile I started to notice there are many parts that were outdated. Our current 911 system started before much of the technology of today started. Many of us never noticed how outdated the process was so I did something that I believe could change the world that we live in. I sat around with my daughter, at the time she was in 7th grade and we came up with a mobile app idea. We shared that idea with a mobile company in Green Bay Wisconsin. After presenting our ideas we impressed the crowd with our presentation. Shortly after that we started working on the Justified  mobile application. I have to say it was hard, long hours and a lot of brainstorming but we got it. We ran into another problem; that was getting an investor, school or a county  to believe in our idea. We've been pursuing this since November 2017,  many doors have been closed in our face but that has not deterred us from accomplishing our goal. We Believe every person in this country no matter your race, disability or the language you speak, you should be able to make a clear live video call to any dispatching  Center in all 51 states. Something that was said to me from many people throughout my Pursuit was this …. "How is it possible a person with a Learning disability, is able to think of something that a million people without a disability did not think?  My first reply is, "I don't know ask them."

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