IT Development

Zymo Interactive

A- Zymo and Justifeyed have worked together to create a mobile application that will help to form better communication between dispatch and the caller. With a face to face connection the disptcher is able to see the emergency and important details as they are happening right in front of them, eliminating the need for so many questions and decreases misunderstandings as information is passed down the line. 

B- Response times have the potential to be decreased as emergency services are able to see your location and the surroundings, even if the caller is unaware of where they are. The proper emergency services are dispatched immediately, getting help to you quicker.

C- Zymo is helping Justifeyed bring today’s technology to today’s crimes and emergency situations. They have created the coding and programming to be able to implement Justifeyed into the current 911 system. It took incredible detail and precise ideas to establish a technology that did not yet exist. 

D- Justifeyed and Zymo Interactive both strive to involve the community to create stronger and safer neighborhoods. Together we are creating a uniform safety app that everyone can use the same way, no matter where they go or where they are. 



      Justifeyed Live Video To The 9-1-1 Dispatchers

Justifeyed LLC is a Not-For profit organization looking to use the technology of today to help keep you safe and protected at all times. The 911 dispatch system has served the needs of the public for 51 years taking approximately 240 million calls per year. The problem is that the system has not changed much over those 51 years, and there needs to be a more effective and efficient way to take these calls. We need to use the face to face technology of today, to deliver immediate live information of emergency situations to the appropriate people quickly.

Justifeyed LLC has done just that, but in order to get it into the hands of you the people, we need your help. We are looking for donations, in any amount, to help offset the cost of getting a working prototype completed to take more places and start beta testing. In addition we are asking for signatures on a petition to create a bill to amend the Wireless Communication and Public Safety Act of 1999 (HR438) to implement the technology for dispatchers to receive live video that anyone can capture and record in an emergency situation, as well as acquiring private servers accessible only to Justifeyed personnel.  Some of the problems the Justifeyed app will solve are:

  • Response Times

  • Communication

  • Technology

  • Uniformity

Justifeyed LLC is also looking for funding for marketing materials to be able to participate in pitch competitions, and promote what is Justifeyed is and how it will benefit the people. If you have ever had to call 911 or witnessed a tragedy you could not explain, look back and see how different things may have been if dispatch could have seen what was happening. If in that moment of panic you didn’t have to say a word but the person on the other end knew exactly what was happening, and was able to get help to you quickly. The time of talking to dispatch is a thing of the past, showing them is the future, the future we need now.

Thank you for taking the time to consider donating to our dream of helping every one of you. Every little bit helps, and is greatly appreciated.

Established in the Green bay area in 2009, Zymo Interactive brings creativity and industry knowledge to its mobile product development. Working with multiple clients Zymo bridges the gap from idea to realized design. They have been a great asset to the building and functioning of the Justifeyed app. The detail and time they have given to our team is what made the app so strong and valuable.