Don't Just tell the Dispatcher About Your Emergency Show Them

The three-digit telephone number "9-1-1" has been designated as the "Universal Emergency Number," for citizens for easy access to a Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP). Justifeyed’s mobile application will provide a live video feed to the 9-1-1 dispatchers, which helps avoid miscommunication and provides a clearer understanding of the incident. In turn, they are able to better prepare emergency personnel and medical professionals for the situation they are going into. This type of enhancement to the current dispatch system can help in situations like mass shootings, sexual assault instances and can be especially helpful in cases where if you needed to possibly show a dispatcher if you were showing Covid-19 symptoms and wanted to find immediate help. Right now the disconnect from the time the call is placed to when emergency services arrive is too great. Justifeyed wants to fill that gap to achieve these great things together as a whole, as a United Country.

Justifeyed knows as an entrepreneur you cannot be successful without a strong community behind you. No matter if you are a web-based company with no local ties, a small business embedded in one of the neighborhoods, you can always use some assistance in your company. Many times this comes from a community that gave you the resources to grow and become the business you are today. 

  Building A Better Community         

Building a brand is definitely a process. However, Justifeyed wants to build a brand around both the customers and emergency personnel to give everyone equally their own sense of security. 


First impressions mean everything, down to the simplest thought of someone walking past you. Justifeyed wants to build and engrave that first impression of our logo into the minds of many. Dispatchers currently lack a representation of their own and that is what Justifeyed wants to award the dispatchers with. 

About Us


The Justifeyed team strives to be different and unique from others, and as a father, daughter company we see that, as something unique to us. In some quick research we did we came across a very interesting fact, “In a study commissioned by Microsoft it was revealed that 68% of girls in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) indicated that their fathers encouraged them to pursue technical fields of study.” We love to see statistics like this, and we hope to make father, daughter businesses more common in the near future.

Marcus Evans, the creator, and founder said " I have witnessed individuals close to me struggle when calling 911, such as people who have a disability that causes setbacks when trying to give adequate information to dispatchers. A dispatcher's first order of business when someone calls for an emergency is to figure out who is calling, why, what, when, where; but they lack the capabilities of live-video aspects of what’s going on during the call.  Justifeyed has been designed in a way to take away any frustration or uncertainty for those with disabilities and different language capabilities. Because in the case of an emergency you should not have to feel as if you only have one option to get in contact with dispatchers. 


Raianna Evans, the co-founder, had talked about the problems she had seen within the schools when she had first begun versus now. “When I first started working on our business I had talked about how within my middle school I had not seen one universal app that I could use both on and off my school campus. Looking back three years ago versus current times, I still can’t say I have seen these flaws corrected. Our youth today is surrounded by technology constantly, which is why Justifeyed has focused so much on bringing as many life-saving technological improvements to our current 9-1-1 system. Such as live-video connection with emergency dispatchers, while keeping you connected to your friends and family in a case of an emergency.